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Default FINALLY "The Wall" Deer Creek Canyon picts

G.T. wrote:
"LIBERATOR" wrote in message

My photos are more exciting than Ride-A-Lot videos.

Poor guy, I was willing to teach him how to ride & clear all these
areas, he didn't want to learn.

So where did you steal those photos from?

Greg I have some more but the lab closed so I couldn't upload the rest
of them. What's sad is now that I look at "The Wall", it's clear that
Jeffco has been sending a team out and they have been eliminating "The
Wall". The rocks to the left that ascend up the mountain are gone, and
if you look to the left of the stairs going down "The Wall" you can see
large chunks of rock that have been obviously cut away from some
section. This indicates there has been a team working on "The Wall"
eliminating it, and that really bothers me. Previously you could not
attempt to go down the left side because the rocks were huge bolders,
natural and actually beautiful to enhance your attempt at going down.

Clearly the group that has been stalking me that you've seen me bitch
about who has powers of state & federal government are the ones that
are behind taking away this prescious technical challenge. It's not as
big as it was and it's not as technical as it was last year June.
Again, by the chunks to the left of the stairs there has been a team
working on eliminating "The Wall", and it's this way with all things by
this group of fear-for-power-safety fanatics. They magnify fear or
create it by staged PSYOPs, then cast regulations onto society which
eliminates freedom, or in this case they take away something existing.

I hope my appreciative Clint Eastwood & Kevin Costner are reading this

Now what was it you said about someone stealing my camera from me then
me stealing it back and providing these great picts?



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