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Default FINALLY "The Wall" Deer Creek Canyon picts

Dre wrote:
"LIBERATOR" wrote in message

My photos are more exciting than Ride-A-Lot videos.

Poor guy, I was willing to teach him how to ride & clear all these
areas, he didn't want to learn.

That looks awesome!! I wish we had trails like that where I live (Oz).

I'd try the wall no problems, looks like a hell long crawl downhill but not
*tooo* hard (hard yep, but no way near impossible I've been down
*plenty* of those rocky descents before, just not one that long! Sick!!!

Meh, gimme a couple of years, then I get my long service leave and I'm on my
way to Canada for some riding, cant wait!!

Cheers Dre

Yeah it is long that's what makes it terrifying to those that won't try
it. It can't be photo'd completely in one photo. It actually takes 4.
And it is not as big as it was before, I didn't notice til now that a
team has been out there eliminating it. The beginning of it was
impossible to go down on the left side. Now you can go down that side
because a team has eliminated the bolder, notable by the rock chunks
along side of the stairs. This really bothers me because it looks like
they're going to continue to eliminate it. It's been lessened a great
deal already. At the top you easily would do a face plant if your
skills weren't mastered in timing and also picking a perfect line,
you'd flip.

Safety fear fanatics that control our government and have too much
power are now ruining this trail and its technical challenge of
mastering and increasing your skills. The opportunity to grow and
increase your skills and abilities has been taken away by a
fear-fanatic-power-fanatic government, and these people have been
forcing themselves on me for a long time (I know them unfortunately).
It's a sad case when people in public positions of trust are
effectively limiting your experiences and by it stopping your growth in
talent as a human being. And this is the case with this
witchcraft-fanatic group since I've been 15 years old. They're
Federally in control and every day their purposeful increase in the
authoritarian state grows and by it our ability to grow suffers, is
hindered drastically.


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