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Default Indoor cycling - for kids

cfsmtb Wrote:
Um, er, not sure about this one. Although the intentions seem in the
right place and you could have a roller derby and/or training session
AND also tire out the kiddies all at the sametime.


Indoor cycling: now for kids
12:15, Oct 11th by Carlton Reid

Your kid can now join you on your indoor training session. Or is this
junior trainer an indication that many parents won't let their sprogs
cycle in the real world?

The junior indoor trainer is available from child product specialist,
The Kids Window of London. It's said to be suitable for children aged
three to nine.

"Introduced in time for Christmas, the bikes are the latest in a series
of fitness products, such as trampolines and treadmills, we're promoting
to encourage children away from their computer games and into healthier
pursuits," said Jason Lewis, director of The Kids Window.

The bike ships with an-board computer to measure time elapsed, distance
pedalled and the amount of energy used.

"Although kids used to play outside until dark, today's children
regularly stay indoors for reasons including safety and convenience,"
said Lewis.

The bike costs 79.99.

So, put the nippers in front of the telly and only turn on CBBC while
the kids are pedalling.

how is staying indoors for exercise convenient? sounds boring as bat
sh*t to me.



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