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Default Wicked rock garden riding worse than "The Wall"

This rock garden is worse than the wall because it's mixed with trees
and dirt to a point where the rocks are not enabling traction to occur
with your tires. So it's a real give & take conflict between braking
and not braking due to requiring speed to get down this rock section.

Most of the guys crashed and face plant type of crash it was, because
they braked more than what was needed, and that is understandable due
to the dirt on the rock sections if you hit it too fast without
traction you are going to crash due to the dirt.

This would be tough for me, I would wear a helmet on this section. The
one guy crashes because he braked on the count of head on path towards
the tree.

If Ride-A-Lot was to hire me to get him to be able to clear this
section, it would take more time due to the multiple elements defining
conflict with the biker, there are far more here than at Deer Creek


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