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Default Floyd Landis Federal Filing

On 10/2/08 8:10 AM, in article
"DirtRoadie" wrote:

Now available on PACER ( although it
will cost $8.64 (108 pages @$.08/pg) to download it from their site
(and you have to sign up). It may be free through JUSTIA (http:// but does not yet show up there.

Note that it takes a while to get a PACER acct (I have one, it's useful for
my job).

But what I want to know is how this Oct 07 filing got resolved:


Plaintiff Jonathan Lee Riches© d/b/a "Lawsuit Sleuth" sued defendants Martha
Stewart d/b/a Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., Floyd Landis a/k/a Tour
de France Champion, KMART Corporation and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.
Plaintiff alleged that defendants have conspired to have Floyd Landis pedal
his bike into the South Fork dam while E.T. uses his magical powers.
Plaintiff further alleged that Landis has a state of the art Huffy bike that
transforms into a flying missile, which will be used to breach the dam and
have a flood of water rush into FCI Williamsburg and flush plaintiff into
the Bermuda Triangle.


So who here on RBR is "Jonathan Lee Riches"?



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