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Default Floyd Landis Federal Filing

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MagillaGorilla wrote:

DirtRoadie wrote:

Now available on PACER ( although it
will cost $8.64 (108 pages @$.08/pg) to download it from their site
(and you have to sign up). It may be free through JUSTIA (http:// but does not yet show up there.

I know some of you have homework assignments you need to get started

When Landis' case is tossed by the federal judge, I'm gonna give you the
beating of your life in here.

Just like I did with Sandy and his little sock-hop cheerleader routine
he did in the Kashechkin lawsuit tha got tossed.

You're like Fraud's lawyers - everything is just a bunch of
smokescreens, semantics, and unarticulated innuendo. And you never
answer my questions like: Why would a federal court judge overturn a
decision when Fraud entered into a contract of binding arbitration where
he explicitly agreed he would not appeal?

Fortunately for me, the judge will answer that question. And he won't
address your questions because they are not relevant once you answer my

Sandy found out the hard way that you don't run a stick across the bars
to the gorilla enclosure. Now he has to pay for it.

Just like you will....

Magilla --- keeps a database of people who disagreed with him like
Lance does.

And Richard Nixon.

Michael Press

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