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Default Why does Lidditism™ correlate with kill-filing announcements?

On 9/15/2010 9:24 PM, Edward Dolan wrote:
"Tom Sherman wrote in message
The careful observer of will notice that almost all of
those who announce that they are using kill-files on particular posters
are also in the Liddite™ [?] [luddite] camp.

A Liddite™ (sic) is a person who believes that foam bicycle hats provide
significant protection against traumatic brain injury.

The observer will also note
that these kill-filers are prone to posting (incorrect) authoritarian
announcements of opinion on the effectiveness of bicycle foam hats as
fact. The fervor with which they proclaim their beliefs in expanded
polystyrene hats, makes clear that this is a matter of faith, and this
Liddite™ fundamentalism leads them to reject facts to the contrary. Then
it is no wonder that they find the presentation of logical arguments
against Lidditism™ to be insulting, so they cover their eyes with a
kill-file to avoid viewing "heathen" beliefs. The announcement of the
kill-filing serves to bond them to their fellow Liddite™ believers, while
excluding the "heathens" from the clique.

RBT is for nerds and jerks. I wouldn't be caught dead on that newsgroup
myself. Only RBS is worthy of me.

The ultimate luddites are liberal-socialist-communist *******s. As far as I
know Tom Sherman does not kill-file anyone and neither do I. My view is
that kill-filers, without any exceptions, are cowards. I say ****'em all the
way to Hell and back!

The worst kill-filers are those who comment on the partial quoted posts
of those who they have kill-filed.

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