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Jym Dyer
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Default Why does [Helmetism] correlate with kill-filing announcements?

=v= Helmet threads are legendary for their uselessness, and
there are many killfiles (or Newsgroup filters) set up to
avoid the word "helmet", the idiotic typo "helmut", and the
annoying "h*lm*t" dodge.

=v= You seem to think that repeating "magical foam hat" over
and over and over is somehow going to get your point across
to the handful of people who haven't filtered this junk out?
Or perhaps you've caught on to the error of your ways, but
only partially, going with a different word ("Liddite", oh
how mind-blowingly witty)?

=v= As a courtesy to others, please have the decency to make
it clear what you're actually talking about. If you can't
resist trumpeting your overarching cleverness in the Subject:
header, at least make proper use of the Keywords: header.


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