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Default John B.(Bull****ter)

On Sat, 11 Jun 2016 06:29:09 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

This message is NOT for John B.(Bull****ter). He should know by now what to
expect from me. No, this is for the newsgroup. Do not read any of the crap

Of course I know what to expect from you :-) A spoiled little boy who
doesn't want anyone else to play in HIS sand box.

that in any way relates to John B.(Bull****ter). I am posting nothing but
**** to counter his ****. He thinks he is saying something of course, but
all he is doing is posting sissified name calling. I think he must be a
transgender freak as he seems to object to a bit of profanity.

Ah... you mean when you use filthy language and I tell you to your
face that you have a filthy mouth. Yes, certainly. I admit to that.

Usenet is now populated by the dregs of society. It wasn’t always this way.
I think what has happened is that the social websites have pretty much
replaced Usenet. A newsgroup like rec.bicycles.soc. is now on its last legs.
Its days are clearly numbered.

It certainly is, here you are right in the midst of the dregs.

Of course, rec.bicycles.soc is doomed. After all you are doing
everything you can to kill it.

However, it is still possible to voice an opinion here, but one should do it
in the context of a message of substance and it should have something to do
with bicycles.

If name calling ensues, at least it ensues logically. If you
use a newsgroup merely for personal insult it marks you as an imbecile.
There have always been lots of imbeciles on this particular newsgroup.
Sometimes I think anyone interested in bicycles must not be too smart.
Cycling may be a recreation for dummies!

"If name calling ensues". Terrible thing!

But, of course we have the comment that, "I think anyone interested in
bicycles must not be too smart. Cycling may be a recreation for

Ah, but I wonder, does that little jewel qualify as name calling? Ah,
but of course Dolan the Great said it so it must be all right.

Mountain bikes have wheels.

By God! I believe that Dolan has discovered something! Amazingly he
has discovered that bicycles have two wheels.
(I wonder what he thinks the name "Bi Cycle" means?)

Friends, we are dealing with a proven genius.

Trails are for walking.

And yet another gem of wisdom from the master's voice...... well
except for the Taimiami Trail is 275 miles of paved road, or The
Skechewaug Trail, up there in VT. or maybe The National Old Trails
Road, also known as the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway, which was established
in 1912,It was 3,096 miles long and stretched from Baltimore, Maryland
(some old maps indicate New York City was the actual eastern
terminus), to California. Much of the route follows the old National
Road and the Santa Fe Trail.

Anyone for a hike of 3,096 miles, or even a short 275 mile ramble?
After all Dolan says that trails are for walking. So off you go. Call
when you get back.

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota

Great what?

John B.


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