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Default The high cost of mountain biking!

On Wed, 6 Jul 2016 06:31:49 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

Take your "cheers" and shoved it up your ass, you dumb ****ing moron.

Gee Eddie, I hate to tell you but "up your ass" while likely an
expression of affection in your group is hardly a term that is
universally used. Particularly in polite circles.

But I suppose that one has to view with a bit of leeway someone who
spent an entire decade wandering around in the bushes apparently
without contact with civilization.

It would seem though, that when you just a young sprout you must have
been pretty obnoxious else why would your parents be so eager to get
you out of the house? And pay you to stay away.

But, "dumb ****ing moron"? Well, I'm sorry but I'm not sure that is
correct as in fact it seem pretty obvious that I am considerably more
intelligent they you. After all I have known for years and years and
years, that a "Bi" "Cycle" has two wheels, a fact that you seem to
believe is some sort of revelation from, perhaps the "Forest
Primeval", as you mention it in every post.

I suppose that you are trying to inform the unwashed American Hikers
of your great discovery, "My goodness Irving, did you
know, actually know, that a bicycle has two, just imagine it, two
wheels? Isn't that perfectly lovely?"

I guess that along with your weird sexual habits you are probably a
bit forgetful? Old age is it?

Of course there possibly is a simpler explanation, and while I, of
course, would never mention it but you might be a bit feeble minded,
or more in line with American political correctness, "Mentally

Now Dooly, you aren't one of those who are attracted to young boys are
you? With your poor memory I feel that I really should remind you that
the American public, in general, takes a very dim view of that kind of
thing and, heaven forbid, they will even put you in the jail house for
years and years for acting out your visions of ecstasy. NO Dooly,
don't do that, it is very, very naughty to even think it.

But I must go now. I have to take my (female) spouse shopping (I know
that you believe a "female" spouse is a bit unusual) but there it is,
us "normals" are a bit odd.

But do try, with your timely posts, to keep us acquainted with what
the (what should one say?) the queer hikers, the strange hikers, the
faggot hikers? (I'm just not acquainted with current terminology) are
doing these days.

John B.


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