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Default The high cost of mountain biking!

"John B." wrote in message

Nope. The Mountain Bikers are real. Out there in the mud and the crud,

getting rained on when it is wet and covered with snow in the winter

In other words destroying the trails for all except themselves. See the
Great Mike Vandeman, Ph.D., for how bikes destroy trails, most especially
when ridden in wet conditions. My God, you are not only a fool, but a dumb

The so called "treckers" are all living in their modified realism,

huddled in the shade and worrying about whether there will be a
toilet cubical available when the urge is felt.

You must be describing yourself here.

The Treckers stand there and chant their mantra, "Its Ours, Its Ours"

while the Mountain Bikers just get on and ride.

One would think that the treckers would be out there defending what is

theirs, but they aren't. They are on the Internet shouting, "Its MINE,
Mine, mine". One can only suppose that the Treckers, or some of them
at least, realize that it isn't "Theirs" it actually belongs to the
public, of which they are only a very small part.

I never heard of any hiker who thought that the trails belonged to just
anyone because part of the public. RTV'ers and motorcyclists are also part
of the public. Are you really this stupid or just putting me on? The fact
remains that trails do indeed belong to hikers and equestrians by right of
tradition if nothing else. Mountain bikers need to get their own god damn
****ing trails.

Sort of like the school kid, safe inside the school yard fence,

shouting "My daddy can lick your daddy" while outside the fence those
dirty people on bicycles just ride away.

Your little kid references escape me. What is your age anyway? Of course, I
KNOW your mental age, but what is your physical age? I am guessing about 14.
But how does West Papua fit into this?

But, I suppose, that is part of the while modified realism thing.

Imaging that one is an intrepid sort of bloke trudging over hill and
dale when the facts are that he/she/it is just a puny, insignificant,
creature, staring through the windshield of the car, looking at the

You need to stop describing yourself on this forum as all you are doing is
announcing to the world what a fool you are. Since you like to do research,
look up straw man argument.

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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