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Default The high cost of mountain biking!

On Sun, 14 Aug 2016 21:15:34 -0500, "EdwardDolan"

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Nope. The Mountain Bikers are real. Out there in the mud and the crud,

getting rained on when it is wet and covered with snow in the winter

In other words destroying the trails for all except themselves. See the
Great Mike Vandeman, Ph.D., for how bikes destroy trails, most especially
when ridden in wet conditions. My God, you are not only a fool, but a dumb

Ah, the great Vandeman, the convicted criminal. (and yes I know that
he later did some squirming and arse kissing and got the record
expurgated and now threatens people that mention it)

But worshiping a criminal? Who is your next hero? "Ted" Kaczynski?
After all he held a doctorate and was a professor at Beckley, must be
an important guy. Was Vandiman a professor?

The so called "treckers" are all living in their modified realism,

huddled in the shade and worrying about whether there will be a
toilet cubical available when the urge is felt.

You must be describing yourself here.


You are the one that claimed to have spent 10 years roaming the trails
and you are the one that stated that you treckers didn't want the
pristine wilderness but a civilized version of that. No mosquitoes, no
mountain bikes, no mountain lions and indoor toilets.

And you are the guy that admitted that you and your so called treckers
are the ones that destroyed the pristine wilderness by building paths
and trails so that you didn't have to actually experience that

In other words, you don't want realism you want some watered down,
effete, version and you don't want any one else to impinge on your
reality by actually riding a mountain bike through it.

In short, all I'm doing is repeating stuff you said yourself.... and
now you are disparaging the statements that you originally made.

Ed Dolan the Great Minnesota

Nope. Ed Dolan, the individual who now argues that he didn't say whet
he said. (Note: sometimes referred to by the great unwashed as a liar)


John B.


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