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I just use a utility brush to brush off the mud. Then I let what is
left dry and then go over it with the brush again. Don't get too fussy
about getting all the dirt off. I just get enough of the mud off so it
doesn't make a mess in my car and then get enough of the dried mud off
so it doesn't make a mess at home.

Don't wash it with a power sprayer. You'll get water forced into places
where it shouldn't be and you'll wash away grease. Don't bother with
washing it off with a low pressure hose either, no need. Just brush off
the mud.

If you were just wiping the exterior and some grease came off then
that's fine. Probably just grease that had oozed out during assembly.
If you're taking things apart and wiping away grease then you're
probably wiping away grease that is supposed to be there.

A dirty muni is a happy muni.

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