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Default Mountain bikers are a scourge wherever they are found

Fads often last for a generation or so. That doesn't mean it

will be around for the long haul. What is being promoted to young

people by the

IMBA and others is actually criminal. The young will have to learn the

hard way

how people who should know better are actually scoundrels and

blackguards who

promote things for their own advantage. The increasing injuries and

deaths from

mountain biking will eventually result in its being banned from all

but the

safest of trails which are more often rustic roads than anything


Ah, more Dolan dodging ... make an assertion, have it refuted by

actual evidence, revert to making original assertion with ad hominem.* You
have no evidence whatsoever that it will decline in the future ... no one can
know ... but, for the moment, it's on an upward trend.

The near universal acknowledgment of the dangers of mountain
biking on hiking trails will mean the end of it.

What 'near universal' acknowledgement of the dangers ? References ?? Data to backup this proposition ??

I think you lie ... again.

Once the lawsuits began it will
happen fast.

More than twenty years ... and still growing ... methinks you hope rather than have any rational basis for this supposition.

Mr. Vandeman has much better arguments than I do for its demise,
but his arguments presuppose other intelligent beings who can be persuaded. I,
on the other hand, am convinced that only the ever increasing deaths of bikers
on trails will result in its banishment.

In which case, if that's the basis on which you are pinning your hopes, I would abandon hope now. The real statistics suggest that it's a relatively safe activity with a net benefit in terms of health. As such, I would suggest it is much more likely that it will continue to grow for some considerable time to come.

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