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Default Mountain bikers are a scourge wherever they are found

The near universal acknowledgment of the dangers of

biking on hiking trails will mean the end of


What 'near universal' acknowledgement of the dangers

? References ?? Data to backup this proposition ??

I think you lie ... again.

This is how dumb you can get when you don't follow what is
being reported in the media. Ignorance is bliss, apparently.

I will leave the enjoyment of ignorance to you ... as you don't want to read anything that doesn't agree with your limited viewpoint.

However, the fundamental point remains ... there is NO "near universal" acknowledgement of the dangers. The risk remains 1.54 injuries per 1,000 exposures which is relatively low when compared with other sports and activities.

Once the lawsuits began it will

happen fast.

More than twenty years ... and still growing ...

methinks you hope rather than have any rational basis for this

We will have to wait to see how this will play

Indeed we will ... but the vast majority of moves seem to be in favour of mountainbiking as more and more users take it up.

Mr. Vandeman has much better arguments than I do for its


but his arguments presuppose other intelligent beings who

can be persuaded. I,

on the other hand, am convinced that only the ever

increasing deaths of bikers

on trails will result in its banishment.

In which case, if that's the basis on which you are

pinning your hopes, I would abandon hope now. The real statistics suggest
that it's a relatively safe activity with a net benefit in terms of
health. As such, I would suggest it is much more likely that it will
continue to grow for some considerable time to come.

It can happen rather suddenly if and when the outrage reaches
a certain point.

All kinds of things can happen when there is sufficient public impetus. However, as more and more people wish to ride I would suggest that the more likely outcome is that biking will be increasingly accomodated rather than banned.

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