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Default What Fuels Dutch Female Cyclists?

After seeing Anna van der Breggen's huge margin of victory at the World Championship road race, I thought of Lance Armstrong and also Chris Fromme's huge lead up a climb in the Giro a few years ago (his lawyer kept him being banned for drug use). Both of those guys used drugs that enhanced their performance. Van der Breggan may just be Wonder Woman but what she did would not happen in a men's race and it was a stunning victory.

On Friday, October 2, 2020 at 8:39:20 PM UTC-7, Kenneth Litwak wrote:
I can't help wondering how Dutch female cyclists can be so successful all the time. It's practically the case that if van Vleuten is in a race, everyone might as well go home because they can't possibly win. I don't see women from any other nation dominating race after race, year after year, the way the Dutch women do. I don't have exhaustive statistics to prove my point but it seems every time I watch a race that has Dutch women in it, I can guess who will win without much effort.


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