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Default What Fuels Dutch Female Cyclists?

On Tue, 06 Oct 2020 15:28:34 -0700, Kenneth Litwak wrote:

After seeing Anna van der Breggen's huge margin of victory at the World
Championship road race, I thought of Lance Armstrong and also Chris
Fromme's huge lead up a climb in the Giro a few years ago (his lawyer
kept him being banned for drug use). Both of those guys used drugs that
enhanced their performance. Van der Breggan may just be Wonder Woman
but what she did would not happen in a men's race and it was a stunning

Total ********.
They dont need drugs, as they have got a quality training system in
place. Think of the SKY team 5-8 years ago, everyone was saying they must
all be doping, yet it has now been revealed some of the secrets their
Coaches knew, all about tapering for a race, and getting the training
right to peak for that forthcoming race. I read one this week, one rider
did a 4 hour training session on the bike, at a high level, after that he
had to do a 20km run. What other teams do / did that?
'Dont see it in mens races' - ever watched the tour, and a late breakaway?
It happens 4 or more times during every tour. It isnt that the leaders
are 50% better than the others, they make a small gain, increase it
slightly, then the chasing group start messing around with no focus on
catching the breakaway, so the lead gets insurmountable, hence they only
keep to their one pace, so the leaders stay away.

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