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Default Comfy performance bikes

Luigi de Guzman wrote:
On Mon, 09 Jul 2007 11:14:56 -0500, Doug Cimper wrote:

Luigi de Guzman wrote:
My ass isn't exactly the same as yours; why should my saddle be?

Believe it or not--there are bicycles that basically only come available
with ONE seat, and that seat is comfortable enough for the vast majority
of humanity.

The RANS Zenetic is one such bicycle (although I think there are plastic
and carbon-fiber versions, so I suppose that's two seats).

RANS recumbents are not universally available. I can't justify the
additional cost and hassle (won't fit on bike racks on buses/cars/trains,

Er, the RANS Zenetic is a "crank forward" upright, not a recumbent:

They're perfectly sensible bicycles, I'm sure, but the fact is that saddle
pain is not a problem if you learn to set up your (diamond-frame) bicycle

For many this may be true. For those who it is not, they likely give up
on cycling, which is unfortunate.

In my case, it's a cheap fix: study, some time with an allen wrench, and
off I go.

The proper generic term is "hex key" (right "gotbent").

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