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At the age of that bike you probably won't have any worries but many ti bikes are built with improper welds that will crack. I said this to people several times and they have told me I'm FOS.

But two years ago one of our fast riders showed up with a Linskey and I told him about that and the whole group made a joke of me on the entire ride..

The following week I pointed out a crack on his downtube. Luckily with a new bike he could get a replacement frame.

So you are saying Lynskey, and Litespeed back when Lynskey started the company, don't know how to weld titanium? I have a Litespeed Tuscany, made before Lynskey sold the company, and I have not noticed any cracks or defects. But then I don't inspect the frame with a magnifying glass before and after every ride. I just ride the bike, and it rides fine every time. Many, many thousands of miles on the frame. Can't say whether your story is true or not. But I suspect every manufacturer has a defect every once in awhile. Even Rolls Royces and Rolexes need warranty work once in awhile. Its not like an anvil, where essentially nothing can break.

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