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begin quoting Chris Bastock :
I am a student at Staffordshire University, studying a
BA(Hons) in Product Design. For my final year I am going to be
designing a new spin bike (aka spinning cycle or group cycle), but at
the moment my knowledge is limited.

I have a good idea; something a bit like a spin bike, but useful for
transport, and which lets you see the country. We could call it "a

Who better to ask, than people who are into fitness or cyclists?

Seriously, for a moment, cyclists are terrible people to ask about spin
bikes. With very few exceptions, those of us who do want to sit indoors
use real bikes on trainers.

occurred when using the bikes, I would be very grateful. An example of
this could be sitting on the bike, paddling, or the general style.

Canoeists would be best for advice on paddling.
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