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My personal "spin" bike sits on a set of spinning rollers and is not in
need of improvement. However, when I have fooled around with an
exer-cycle, I have thought that it would be nice if, while peddling the
bike, the bike would mimic the motion of a real bike by moving slightly
from side to side. I think that might provide a more natural rhythm and
thus encourage longer workouts.

Actually, the position of spin cyclists is not nearly as refined as
those who actually spend the needed time to make sure their bicycle fits
them properly, so even if the spin bike could mimic the side to side
feel of a real bike it probably wouldn't provide much improvement. A
poorly fitting bicycle of any kind is not much of a joy to use.

Never mind.

Chris Bastock wrote:
Dear All,
I am a student at Staffordshire University, studying a
BA(Hons) in Product Design. For my final year I am going to be
designing a new spin bike (aka spinning cycle or group cycle), but at
the moment my knowledge is limited. Who better to ask, than people who
are into fitness or cyclists? So in my investigation I was told to use
the Google Groups for help. In my research I will be looking at
existing Spin bikes. So if people could reply with problems that have
occurred when using the bikes, I would be very grateful. An example of
this could be sitting on the bike, paddling, or the general style.
This would be a great help to me and vital research for the project.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from people, soon.

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