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Chris Bastock wrote:

So if people could reply with problems that have
occurred when using the bikes, I would be very grateful. An example


this could be sitting on the bike, paddling, or the general style.

There are no accurate readouts for tension on the bikes I've used, so
going to a preset level of difficulty is... difficult.

True, but the better instructors lead people by perceived extertion.
"50%", "75%", and "100%" effort levels are different for each person,
and thus any preset tension level is meaningless.

Cyclocomputers are needed with some spin cycle brands to measure


The local "studio" has Lemond Revmasters , which have pretty
comprehensive computers installed:

I find that they're fairly informative when the batteries are fresh.

Finer adjustments for seat location (up/down, fore/aft) would be
useful, as the the no-slip pin holes (used as safety measures, of
course) are fairly far apart. Measurement marks could be applied so
that seating position could be repeated easily.

The Lemonds have infinitely adjustable seat and handlebar mounts. I'm
as comfortable on them as I've ever been on an upright bike.

"Consumer" padded saddles are not a good choice. Some saddle

mechanisms are cheesy-- not all that secure while still being

to adjust for tilt.

Agreed. Gooshy padding absolutely sucks. A relatively "hard" saddle is
much more pleasant to ride on.

"Better music" (if any) and "no instructor microphones allowed". --TP

Music is the choice of the instructor- most of it is hideous, some is
barely tolerable. However, my taste in music (from Tom Lehrer to Red
Hot Chili Peppers) might not go over well, either.

I prefer to hear the instructor, though- coordinated exercise is one of
the attractions of Spin classes. It bugs the heck out of me when I
*can't* hear the instructor.



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