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Allen Walters falls to death at Petit Jean Mountain
11:31 PM, Apr 14, 2012 **

Petit Jean Mountain (KTHV)- According to the Conway County Sheriff's
office a hiker fell to his death just after noon*Saturday at Cedar
Falls overlook on Petit Jean Mountain.*
Authorities responded*to a 911 call: first responders, park rangers,
and sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene to find*16-year-old Allen
Walters*had fallen from the bluffs near Mather Lodge.
Several visitors were in the area and saw and heard the boy cry for help
but were unable to get to him. One witness stated that he heard the boy
yell but turned just in time to see him fall from the bluff.
The Conway County Sheriff's office says Walters was hiking with friends
and cousins. At this time, they believe the fall was an accident.


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