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Default The high cost of mountain biking!

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Hey Duddly, the other day I mentioned that I was wondering about you.

Whether you actually believe your stuff or whether you were lying.

And then you mentioned the Great God Vanderman and how smart he was

because he was a doctor. In fact you equated a doctorate with great
mental powers.

I equate a doctorate with knowing something about something, unlike you who
seem to know nothing about nothing.

Somehow I seem to associate "Berkeley" and a doctorate in psychology

with the good doctor, so I did a search. Unfortunately Berkeley,
Psychology Department seems to have no record of any Vanderman, nor
can I find a reference to Berkeley granting a Doctorate in any subject
to a "Vanderman".

By Berkeley, I assume you mean the University of California at Berkeley.
some other schools somewhere else.

There seems to be something a bit weird here. A Doctor with no school


Would you care to comment on how Vanderman can have a doctorate and no

school records the award of such a diploma?

His degree was acquired at some other school ... or else your research is
****ed up as you are.

I see. You don't know, you can't find out and all you have is hope

that your idol's feet aren't made of clay.

You seem to enjoy looking things up ... so the ball is in your court. Trust
me, if I wanted to find out, I would. I was a professional librarian in
another lifetime.

So, the only question than is (1) are you as equal a phony as your

mentor? or (2) just a fool clinging to the shreds of a tattered idol?

So ... nothing. You do not have a clue as to what I think about anything -

Hey! did you know that way back before Vandy discovered Mountain Bikes

he used to rant and rave about cars. "CARS MUST BE BANNED!" You see he
claimed that an automobile ran over his cat and thus all autos must be
banned from the city. Then, for a while he was arguing that Bulldozers
Must Be Banned", as he argued that bulldozers were killing the snakes.

He wants to reduce the impact of our life style (extreme urbanization) on
nature. It is all of one piece, but you are too stupid to see it.

You picked a real loony to worship.

I only worship the sun from which all life emanates.

I am interested in what a moron like you were ever doing in a place like
West Papua (New Guinea)? Frankly, it is the ONLY thing about you that
interests me.

Maintenance Supervisor at the largest copper mine in the world


But that really isn't important, is it. What is important is that I

got off my arse and went out and saw a little of the world and what
some of its inhabitants are actually like.

Rather than huddling in some hut trying to impress people that

although I have no experience at all I really do know what I am
talking about. (See Vandi told me so).

So you have an engineering degree, but are sadly lacking in the liberal
arts. It is why you are such a savage yourself.

By the way, the Grasberg job was just the first time I was in Irian. I

spent another 5 years there during various periods, in various parts
of the province, on various projects.

Well, you and I are polar opposites. That is probably why we are never going
to see things eye to eye.

You actually remind me of another engineer I butted heads with on various
newsgroups a few years back. He was a civil engineer and knew all the
technical aspects of bicycles. I did defer to him in his area of expertise,
just as I would to you. But outside his specialty, he was a nut like you. I
think engineers are "can do" people and this leads them to believe that they
have expert knowledge on subjects outside their area of expertise. We
liberals arts people are more humble. We don't pretend to be experts on
every subject under the sun.

For all the time you spent in New Guinea, you seemed not to have made any
connection with the locals. A little anthropology would have corrected that
deficiency in you. No doubt, you played the role of the ugly American (or
was it "ugly Australian") there just as you are playing that role here.
There is probably nothing wrong with you that a little civilization
(culture) would not cure. I have spent most of my life listening to the
music of Beethoven. That would be a good place for you to begin.

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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