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Default cleaning fun...(not)

Allan Jones wrote in message
On Wed, 8 Oct 2003 10:26:10 +1000, "Deep Freud Moors"


Dirt is a bearing killer whether in grease or not. Contrary to what you

said, grease provides an effective barrier against dirt when applied



I'm sorry Deep, but grease provides no barrier at all. In fact grease
plus dirt equals grinding compound. This mixture will result in the
rapid erosion of metallic surfaces ( in a dynamic situation).

So you are saying you shouldn't grease bearings? Did you read what I wrote?
When you pack bearings with grease, dirt is much less likely to get in. Thus
they work better.

Thirty years working in foundries forces me to agree with Jose.
Bearings will always fail if the seals are damaged.
Bearings designed to be used in particularly aggressive conditions
will often be double sealed.

So you weren't working on bikes all that time then? )

I was originally (somewhere miles up the thread) reffering to basic wheel
bearing assemblies. The subject of sealed bearings hadn't even come up!


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