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Jose Rizal
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Default cleaning fun...(not)

Deep Freud Moors:

Jose Rizal wrote in message

You are the one that is trying to change the subject!!! It was

about wheel bearings, if you can recall correctly. You avoided that last
comparison because it illustrates my point rather concisely, doesn't it!

Nope. You made several false statements about grease, and whether it's
used for bearings or turbine rotors or gears, the primary purpose of it
is lubrication. I see you skipped all the statements about grease being
a lubricant, and not provided an iota of factual data about why you
think otherwise.

As opposed to the plethora of factual data you provided!!!!

At least you recognise facts when you see them. Now learn and move on.

I gave a comparison which no-one is disputing. Instead you just tried to
drag the topic into bike unrelated stuff, hoping to catch me out for some

Your comprehension is either deliberately or congenitally defective.
Anyone reading the previous posts on this thread will easily see that
your claims have been specifically addressed and shown to be wrong.
You've made no correct statements so far, provided no references, and
not even a hint of where you got your mythical claims from. There's no
backing out from that.


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