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Default Food to take for the Around The Bay?

I tend to use the gel packs...4 is usually enough for around the bay...and a
muesli bar, banana and a bag of jelly beans. Jelly beans are my last resort
and got me through the last 30kms last year!
Bananas are ok, but tend to give short term bursts of energy in my
experience and putting a hold hand of them in your jersey, well good luck!!
Someone mentioned if you can do 150kms without eating too much you'd be
ok...I'd disagree...those last 60kms can be torture if you've bonked or
about to bonk, so keep eating every 30kms or so and at the ferry scoff what
they give you can never eat too much on long rides (as long as you
don't eat/drink it all at once!).

see ya out there

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patch70 wrote:
Depends on how you go on training rides a bit. If you can do a 150 km
training ride without needing copious food, that may well be enough.

you tend to run out of energy quickly, I would take more than that.
The provided lunch is either a meat/salad roll or a pasta salad, some
fruit, some jelly babies and a fruit drink if I remember correctly.
I try to eat something every 30 or so km so I took a fair bit more

you suggested.

Thanks! Might need to stretch the pockets on the jersey and stick a
whole hand of bananas in there...


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