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There is a simple rule and a more complex rule when considering what size
unicycle to learn on. The simple rule is for riders whose inseam is less
than 30" and consists of nothing more than matching the length of the rider'
s inseam (measured from the riders crotch to floor when wearing sneakers) to
the proper size unicycle. The chart below illustrates the relationship of
inseam length to unicycle wheel size.


22" or Less
16" Unicycle

18" Unicycle

24" to 29"
20" Unicycle

30" or More
24" Unicycle

Riders Inseam/Unicycle Size

The more complex rule is for those beginning riders whose inseam is 30" or
greater and whose overall height is less than 6 feet tall.

I personally believe it is easier to learn to ride on a 20" unicycle
provided the seat post is long enough so that the rider properly fits the
unicycle. As illustrated in the section on seat post height, the rider
should have a slight bend in his knee when sitting on the unicycle with one
pedal at its full extension. If the rider is approaching 6 feet tall or
taller then you should consider a 24" and in some extreme cases a 26"

For those who fit into the complex rule category I recommend a 20" unicycle
over the 24" and larger wheels for several reasons. First, the 20" unicycle
situates the rider closer to the ground, which lessens the fear of falling.
Second, a 20" unicycle is more maneuverable making it easier to turn and
control. And third, a 20" unicycle is not as fast as the larger wheel
unicycles, which also helps to lessen the fear of falling.

Once you learn to ride the unicycle you may never need to purchase another
unicycle. However, it is not uncommon for a unicycling enthusiast to own
several different size and shape unicycles for different types or riding.
For example; I still own and ride the 20" unicycle that I learned to ride on
over 30 years ago, but it is not the only unicycle I own. Over the years I'
ve bought or built 5 other unicycles. If you "get into" unicycling, expect
to purchase at least one other unicycle some time during your unicycling


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