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"Sparc IPX" wrote in message news
Joy Beeson wrote:

I wonder whether there is anybody still monitoring this newsgroup? I
found out I was still subscribed only by accident.

I've been lurking for ages (bike commuter here), never felt much call to
post, however.

I wonder if all the other bicycle newsgroups are as dead as this one. In
fact I wonder if anything is happening on Usenet - period! I recall the
days when there were many hundreds of posters to all the various bicycle
newsgroups. But their posts were all fairly contentious. At the time
everyone was complaining about trolls, but trolls were never the problem.
The real problem was that most folks cannot take disagreement. It is too
bad, because it was lots of fun while it lasted.

A Usenet newsgroup is not where you go to find friends. Sorry, but it is
where you go to exchange information. From the beginning there were
always those who wanted a friendly chat room. Those types were gotten rid
of easily, and then we were left with some very intelligent types who
knew what they were talking about. However, disagreement is inevitable
and very many would take offense at the degree of disagreement. To be on
Usenet, you have to grow the hide of a rhinoceros. If you are unable to
do that, then you have no business being on Usenet.

It is very odd to me that many folks cannot take disagreement. I have
never learned anything by others agreeing with me. I only learn something
new by others disagreeing with me. I thrived on Usenet, but many others
felt they were being insulted and put upon. I think if all you want to
do is massage one another's ego, then Usenet will never be for you.
Usnent grew out of the academic world, and as we all know, academics are
the most contentious people in the world. Usenet - RIP!

Ed Dolan - Minnesota


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