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Default Climbing: riding on the tops vs riding on the brake hoods

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| Climbing: riding on the tops vs riding on the brake hoods
| I have noticed that most climber since the mid 90's tend to climb
| seated with their hands on hoods.Personally I prefer climbing on the
| tops since this a more relaxed position. Climbing seated on the hoods
| put's more strain on my wrists. *The one advantage of the hoods is
| that you can brake faster. In the end I suppose it's a matter of
| climbing style.

Probably the biggest advantage is that a rider can conserve more
energy on the tops.


Pulling on the bars does you no good in a seating position. Your legs
are the only source of propulsion. I do agree that the hoods do allow
a faster transition.

Riding on the tops can be more relaxed
just in terms of upper body position. *I don't
think it saves energy in itself. *Climbing on the
hoods allows you to pull on the bars when
you need to push hard, and to transition
quickly between seated and standing. *This
also makes it easier to attack or respond to

If climbing on the hoods puts uncomfortable
strain on your wrists, it may help to adjust
the position of your brake levers.



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