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Default What mode of transport is available to banned drivers?

On 06/05/2018 13:50, colwyn wrote:

Having lost your LICENCE to operate a motor car, how do these thousands
of *not* law abiding motorists per annum get about? Do they suddenly
acquire chauffeurs, use public transport or call themselves cyclists?

I have been driving for 47 years (46 as a full licence holder).

I literally have never known anyone who was disqualified from driving.

Nevertheless, I understand that it happens a lot, and it is, I suppose,
possible that some acquaintances, colleagues, etc, had been disqualified
but simply didn't mention it. It therefore seems obvious that I cannot
provide the answer you wanted, whatever it was.

But people who cannot / are prevented from / can't afford to / do not
wish to drive have a range of alternatives, most of which you have
mentioned. One you didn't mention was walking (good for short
distances). Another was abstaining from travel to a very large extent,
which is essentially how I recall my life being 47 years ago, lived
within a very narrow compass with a radius of just a few miles from home
within a city, except on special occasions. Everything was within
relatively easy reach. Even the hospital was just down the road. But it
was limiting.

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