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Default The BMA Promote Safer Cycling

On Sun, 19 Apr 2009 13:27:06 +0100, "Simon Mason"

The BMA also says it is bad for our health to consume more than two pints of
beer a day, which is tosh as well.

One of the more interesting points about this particular piece of work
is that it is deliberately based only on case-control studies, with
all conflicting evidence excluded. If they had adopted this policy in
respect of HRT and coronary heart disease then they would be advising
that HRT prevents heart disease. Luckily they investigated the
conflicting evidence and found that all the case-control studies had
similar confounding factors, leading to a conclusion which was wrong
in both magnitude and sign: the risk is actually slightly /increased/.


"To every complex problem there is a solution which is
simple, neat and wrong" - HL Mencken

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