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"JimmyMac" wrote in message
On Sep 23, 8:35 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:
But alas, most men never get
to the biopsy point until too late because the PSA test is usually all
the map. The DRE is pretty worthless. You have to catch prostate cancer
before the physical tumor stage, i.e., before it has spread.

Not quite true, Yes the DRE is not definitive nor is a PSA test, but

until better tools become available (some are almost there).that is
what is commonly employed. ON the other hadn you don't have to catch
prostate cancer before the tumor stage and often enough won't. As
long as the tumor is discovered when still organ confined, a
prostatectomy or radiation can, in most instances, be a life saver.
Once the disease has spread to seminal vesicles, lymph nudes or has
metastasized to bone, prognosis is far less promising.

There has been a recent large study about which treatment is the least
disruptive to a normal life. Prostatectomy is the worst, followed by
radiation, followed by seeding, the least disruptive.

How is your anti-hormonal treatment going? I just had 1 shot in the belly
prior to radiation and seeding and had a non-ending series of hot flashes
for 4 months as a result. I don't know if I could live with those shots.

I read every day about men, many not so old, who are still dying of
cancer. The trick is to catch it early before it has spread. Every man
the age of 50 should be getting the PSA test every year even though it
totally reliable.

Since prostate cancer is now more commonly being discovered in younger

men, the current wisdom is to get a PSA every year beginning at age

Yes, better safe than sorry!

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