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Default ANOTHER Injured Mtn. Biker Rescued West of Bend, Oregon

On Sep 26, 4:54*pm, Mike Vandeman wrote:
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On Sep 24, 3:13*pm, Mike Vandeman wrote:

On Sep 24, 12:33*pm, Mike Vandeman wrote:

On Sep 24, 11:56*am, "Wayne" wrote:

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"Jumps" obviously don't belong on trails.... DUH!


Injured mountain biker rescued
Published: September 24. 2011 4:00AM PST
A mountain biker who injured himself while riding near the Wanoga Sno
Park was rescued Thursday evening, the Deschutes County Sheriff s
Office said.

Perry Hertler, 40, of Milwaukee, was riding down the Tiddlywinks Trail
when he failed to negotiate a jump, seriously injuring himself. A
friend who had been riding with him called 911 and directed rescuers
to their location.

Hey, jumps on trails are fine. *But, cellfones should not be allowed.
Without the cellfone, the backcountry jumps might be much smaller

Good point! I agree. By the way, what is the "app" for "how to fix my
broken neck"?- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

REAL men don't carry cell phones.

well, they certainly dont carry hand saws either, do they?- Hide quoted text -

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Yes, they do. Habitat restoration is something everyone should be
doing, to try to correct the mess humans have made of the world.
Mountain bikers, on the other hand, only know how to DESTROY habitat.

you fool. saws only destroy plants and trees, they can do absolutely
nothing to benefit them. a true naturalist would let everything do
its own thing, instead you were on the trail cutting up trees and
vines and who knows what else.

you are a failure and a hypocrite. hows that auto dependency thing
workin' out for ya? about as well as the hope and change??? LOL!

your phd is about as deserved as obamas nobel peace prize. you should
be very proud. ROLL EYES

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