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Default Mountain biker thanks Norwood rescuers

Mountain biker thanks Norwood rescuers
8:00am Friday 11th September 2009

A MOUNTAIN biker who had to be airlifted to hospital after crashing at
Norwood has publicly thanked everyone who helped him.

Graeme Willis was treated for a neck injury and bruised lungs after
coming off his bike while riding in Norwood Edge Trails in mid-

The 29-year-old, a craft baker from Harrogate, was carried by his
friends to a nearby field where a Yorkshire Air Ambulance and land
ambulance could reach him.

He said: “Basically, it was an error on my part, I fell off a raised
section and landed after falling seven to ten feet on my head. My
friends with me said my chin hit my chest but I didn’t lose
conciousness, I had feeling all over and I could move my limbs.

“One friend got straight on his mobile phone and called in an
ambulance and the air ambulance, while my other friend went up to the
road to show them where I was.

“At the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) I had X-rays and a CT scan which
showed I had bruised the top of my lungs quite heavily and that I had
a small stable fracture in my neck.

“The neurology doctors were happy for me to be discharged, but to
return for a review, but the consultant sent me to St James’s Hospital
to stay overnight so they could look after my bruised lungs. I left
Jimmy’s on Saturday, August 22.

“I would like to thank my two friends, Chris Spittal and Jonathan
Denning, who handled an unusual situation very well. I was never
worried that anything was going to get worse. Also the ambulance team
(regular and air) were fantastic, their calm, efficient handling of
the situation was admirable. The staff at both LGI and St James’s were
also very proffesional, friendly and understanding, so big thank you
to them too.

“Lastly, I’d like to thank my family, friends and work colleagues who
all showed me a great deal of support during my recovery. And to other
cyclists I’d say wear a helmet — it saved my life!”

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