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Alleged Mountain Bike Bank Robber Nabbed in Palm Springs

Posted: Sep 10, 2009 10:16 PM PDT

By Mike Daniels, News Channel 3 Reporter

PALM SPRINGS - An alleged robber didn't get far after holding up the
Bank of America in Palm Springs just before 5 p.m. Thursday. The
alleged bank robber rode up to the bank on an orange mountain bike.
He walked into the Bank of America on the 1800 block of East Palm
Canyon. Police say he then jumped over the counter, grabbed the cash,
and fled the scene.

On the way out police say he tried taking off his gloves, in turn
dropping a couple stacks of cash. Police finally caught up with the
suspect several blocks east of the bank. They say he ditched his
clothes nearby.

Police Sgt. Paul Parker says, "Some of our traffic officers were
working a special detail close by, they aren't normally assigned to
the area, they would have had him quicker but they came around the
back he ran out the front."

Palm Springs Police officers say the suspect intended to use a note to
rob the place but forgot to. He left the note behind, officers
collected it as evidence. Several witnesses inside the bank were able
to ID the suspect.

No one was hurt and police say no weapons were used in the robbery.
His identity is not being released at this time.


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