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Default Wrong Again Vandemoron

"Kayak44" wrote in message ...
On Sep 15, 11:43 am, Mike Vandeman wrote:
On Sep 15, 7:35 am, "JP" wrote:

Once again the preeminent Liar of Usenet posts
out-of-context in an attempt to ignite flames.
His posts lack accuracy, logic, and intellectual honesty.

The worst part?
He knows it and revels in the discord he creates.
He reminds me of **** on a shoe,
stinky and hard to get rid of .

Typical mountain biker post: afraid to use his real name, because it
would be obvious that he is lying. The other clue is that he gives no
specifics. If he did, it would be obvious that he is lying.

Wrong on all counts Vandemoron.

1) Unlike you I have significant assets and I (apparently again unlike you)
know that the internet is mined for data that can be used in identity theft.
So I tend not to reveal personal information.

2) Anyone familiar with your posts knows that you ignore specifics and the
more substantive and thought out replys are dismissed instantly by you.
(Duh) (Did you say something?)
So it's pointless to try and supply any particulars.

3) Your proof that someone is lying (and your thought processes in general)
is right out of the schoolyard, ie childish, selfserving and illogical.

Keep ranting from your little cubicle Vandejerk.
As with the rest of your efforts on behalf of your lame causes
it is an ineffectual waste of your time and ludicrous to everyone else.


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