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Default Wrong Again Vandemoron

"Dr. Brian Leverich" wrote in message ...
On 2009-09-15, JP wrote:

Wrong on all counts Vandemoron.

1) Unlike you I have significant assets and I (apparently again =
unlike you)
know that the internet is mined for data that can be used in =
identity theft.
So I tend not to reveal personal information.

I'm a mountain biker and don't have a lot of love for
Mikey, but I'm kinda with him on people not just flopping
out their names.

"Identity theft" is largely a crock. Most of what is
called "identity theft" is just relatives using your
credit cards without your permission, and almost all of
the rest is very mundane the-waiter-skimmed-your-card-
before-charging-it-for-the-restaurant stuff.

The reason why people wanna be anonymous on USENET is
because they want to say stuff that they don't want to
own. That may be fun, but it's also kinda cowardly.

Cheers, Wolf.

With all due respect I've dug out information using info
people have supplied about themselves and cross referencing
it with other info available on the net. I did this out of curiosity.
Seeing the results I stopped using my name, location, and other
personal statistics. The new goldmines are facebook and twitter.
I've got my own business, multiple black belts, both hips replaced
and three sons who have beat the **** out of me for over twenty years.
(I'm uneasy posting the specifics I just described)
There's not much left to fear.

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