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Default Wake Up Vanderdolt!

On Sep 16, 6:18*am, "JP" wrote:
**Not using your real name guarantees that you will be ignored. For good
**reason. You are a nonentity.

**And not providing any specifics guarantees that you are lying: You
**don't want anyone checking your assertions. Even MORE reason to ignore

You can't seem to follow your own advice.
Please ignore me.

To bring your arguments to the 'reducto ad absurdum'
lets just point out that you provide 'specifics' but as they
are out of context and irrelevant they are ignored by everyone,
bikers, neighbors, elected officials, and environmentalists.
This would define you as a "nonentity,"
ie one invisible to the world of sane humanity.
You freely share your name as well but this has not
helped your illogical arguments at all.

Therefore one's real name hardly qualifies one as an entity
and sharing specifics that are not relevant to the hypothesis
one proposes as a device to pretend one is offering proof
is evidence that one has no substantive proof and is lying.

Your little argument about truth and existence doe not hold water.
Nor do your longwinded essays about mountain bikes,
health and the environment.

Time for a clever "Duh," *Mikey, and maybe "did you say something?"
Retreat to the schoolyard retorts and dismissive insults.
(Is that the best a PhD in psychology can offer?)

Thanks for proving my point.

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