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Default Is Michael J. Vandeman PhD a Fraud?

"Jym Dyer" wrote in message
Why does Michael J. Vandeman avoid the airline question?

=v= You may not like what the guy has to say, but it is on-topic
for these newsgroups. Constant insincere _ad_hominem_ needling
about "environmentalism" and airplanes is not only ineffective,
it's completely off-topic. Time to give it a rest.

His PhD came from an online school, they sell the program
for $50.

=v= Similarly, spreading outright falsehoods is nothing but
a waste of time.

My personal experience in matters of offroad and back country travel is both
wider and deeper that Michael J. Vandeman's. He has repeatedly been shown to
make **** up as he goes along. His PhD is completely unrelated to any
environmental cause he champions.

Given the massive scope and scale of his agenda, he could be 100% correct on
everything, and we could halt all affroad travel tomorron based solely on
the crap he spews, and we might (that's M-I-G-H-T, maybe but not likely)
manage to protect and preserve 0.004% of the wild habitat, and some not so
wild habitat. Maybe. 0.004%. Maybe.

Even if Mike was 100% correct, but we did not stop all offroad travel, we
stand to harm 0.004% of habitat for recreational pursuits.

Do the math. Mike got his PhD from a CrackerJack box.


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