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Default Is Michael J. Vandeman PhD a Fraud?

"Kayak44" wrote in message
Why does Michael J. Vandeman avoid the airline question? Will he be
outed as a fraud? Is he one of those people who feel they can do as
they please while telling others they should do things differently?

Michael J. Vandeman, PhD, please explain to us why you use commercial
air travel when you claimed that aircraft were just convenient for
people who don't care about the environment.

In regards to aircraft being essential for conservation, you wrote:

"BS. Not "essential", just "convenient" for people who don't care
about the environment. What do you think we did before the airplane
was invented? Darwin did the most for wildlife, and never flew in an
airplane. The view from the air is BS. It ALWAYS has to be "ground-
truthed" anyway. You are just embarrassed to be caught in your own

You ask what we did before the airplane was invented and yet you take
commercial airlines to environmental conferences around the globe. Why
didn't you do as Darwin did and take a sailing ship? Why are you such
a hypocrite when it comes to your own conveince? Do you not care about
the environment like you accused others who use airplanes? Is it
different for you for some reason?

Who cares.........get a life


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