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Default Is Michael J. Vandeman PhD a Fraud?

On Oct 4, 2:16*pm, Jym Dyer wrote:

delete follow up to alt.flame

Constant insincere _ad_hominem_ needling about
"environmentalism" and airplanes is not only ineffective,
it's completely off-topic. *Time to give it a rest.

Nope. It's completely on-topic. If Michael J. Vandeman
talks-the-talk, he should also walk-the-walk.

=x= That is not on-topic for the bicycle groups, nor for the
backcountry group. *It's theoretically marginally on-topic for
ca.environment because the (as far as you know, sole and only)
plane flight you keep going on about may have left from this
state, but that's hardly much of a peg to hang this hat on.

Nope, I'm not talking about a single flight, but thanks for your

=x= Perhaps you're one of those people who don't get what
sci.environment is for. *If what you've got has anything to
do with science AND the environment, it's on-topic. *If it's
got nothing to do with science, that's what talk.environment
is for. *But as I said, it's clear that you're not being at
all sincere and it's entirely _ad_hominem_, so really it's
not on-topic anywhere but alt.flame.

Nope, I'm as sincere as you are with netcopping. If Mikes a fraud he
should be outed as a fraud.

Selfishness is the same whether it's riding a mountain-bike
or flying in an Airbus.

=x= Again, selfishness is an entirely other topic, and not
what any of these newsgroups were created to discuss.

If ALL the posts in these groups were on topic, maybe I'd care what
you have to say. Your replies to me are as off-topic as any.

=x= Again, please give it a rest. *If you don't like what he
posts and how much he posts, emulating that activity is an
ineffective waste. *Just a one-way ticket to Plonksville.
* * _Jym_

Are you serious? Good lord man, then plonk and be done.

Public threats about it are just pathetic.

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