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Default Is Michael J. Vandeman PhD a Fraud?

On Oct 8, 1:43*am, Jym Dyer wrote:
=x= Again, please give it a rest. *If you don't like what he
posts and how much he posts, emulating that activity is an
ineffective waste. *Just a one-way ticket to Plonksville.

Are you serious? Good lord man, then plonk and be done.

Public threats about it are just pathetic.

=x= It's not a threat. *Honestly, it's just friendly advice.
* * _Jym_

I don't need posting advice from you anymore than you need derailleur
adjusting advice from me.

If you don't like what I'm posting, filter it or ignore it instead of
playing games like responding with follow-ups to alt. flame.

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