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Default Hit & Run Mountain Biker Kills Pedestrian!

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Andre Steed was run-down by a bicyclist on a Center City street and
later died from his injuries.
Citizen's Crime Commission
Philadelphia police are seeking help from the public locating a
bicyclist who fled the scene of a fatal accident in Center City.

According to the Citizen's Crime Commission, who is administering a
$10,000 reward, the accident happened on October 15 at the corner of
16th and Locust Streets. The victim, Andre Steed, was struck a by a
mountain bike rider who did not stop after impact.

Authorities say Mr. Steed suffered massive head injuries and passed
away on October 24.

The law firm of Caesar, Rivise, Burnstein, Cohen & Pokotilow are
offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and
conviction of this biker. Witness at the scene described the biker as
a white male in his early 20s, weighing approximately 140 pounds
wearing a white hoodie with red spots in the back. The mountain bike
was described as white.

If you have information on the biker you are urged to contact the
Crime Commission tip line at 215-546-TIPS.

He was a road biker on a mountain bike. Therefore he was not necessarily a
mountain biker, and he certainly wasn't mountain biking. He was doing what
you approve of and encourage, Mike: riding on pavement. Do you recognize
trouble you have created? You have made an honest person into a criminal.
You are guilty by association, a partner in crime, a henchman. You are as
guilty as he is. You amight as well have mowed down that pedestrian
yourself. Go turn yourself in. Please.- Hide quoted text -

Don't forget Mike himself rode a mountain-bike, thus making him a

He tried to ride mountain bike and could not. that's why he is so down on


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