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Default Hit & Run Mountain Biker Kills Pedestrian!

On Oct 28, 5:32 pm, Mike Vandeman wrote:

Andre Steed was run-down by a bicyclist on a Center City street and
later died from his injuries.

Hey Mikey, if you are really concerned about saving lives come read
about all the hit-and-run drivers in my blog and then tell me how to
make it stop. Andre Steed was the 2nd pedestrian killed by a bicycle
in the US this year, but we have been averaging 700 people killed on
bicycles by motor vehicles every year. Many of those were killed by
hit-and-run drivers. this incident has nothing to do with mountain
bikers on trails, this was a guy riding a mountain bike like object
(probably a BSO from Wally World) who ran into a pedestrian on a
crowded Philadelphia sidewalk. It would be like complaining about
people that drive Jeeps off road in wilderness areas because one SUV
driver killed a pedestrian on a NYC sidewalk.


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