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Default "Mountain biker who died named"

On Nov 2, 11:33*pm, Mike Vandeman wrote:
On Nov 2, 2:24*pm, terryc wrote:

On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 10:15:17 -0800, Mike Vandeman wrote:
Too bad he wasn't smart enough not to mountain bike....


Mountain biker who died named

Mon, 2 Nov 2009
News: Dunedin

The 56-year-old Dunedin man who collapsed and died while cycling at Lake
Hawea on Friday was Dr David Peacock.

Dr Peacock, a graduate of the University of Otago, was a psychiatric
registrar with the Otago District Health Board.

A keen mountain biker, he was a former president of the Otago Tramping
and Mountaineering Club and a member of the Royal Dunedin Male Choir.

Last month, he sang in the Dunedin production of Gilbert and Sullivan's
opera Yeomen of the Guard.

sounds like an all right decent community minded guy. Thanks Mike.- Hide quoted text -

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Yea, but not smart enough not to mountain bike.

Neither are you.

I hold mountain bikers
responsible for his death....

Based on what evidence?

Why not blame Gilbert and Sullivan too?


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