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Default Mountain Bikers Are Auto-Dependent!

While claiming to benefit the environment, they are actually doing far
more damage than any hiker!


From: "mwestra2"
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 16:09:43 -0000
Subject: Duthie Parking Situation

Quick update based on a meeting with King County yesterday...

The great news is that Duthie's popularity is far exceeding our
expectations. The bad news is that we don't have enough parking for
everybody on weekends. I met with KC yesterday and they are working
hard to find parking solutions for Duthie...

1. ASAP: Going to expand the existing crushed rock parking area at the
Lodge. Going to go as big as they can while staying under the permit
2. Trying to purchase adjacent properties from 2 landowners. If either
goes through, the problem is solved, but it would obviously still take
a while to get it permitted and built.
3. Working with the LDS church for special event parking. Awesome!
4. If 2. fails, seek 2010 funding to find an alternative solution off
of Issaquah-Fall City Rd (e.g. would take a traffic study, some
traffic modifications and some roadside clearing to be able to turn
the maintenance access road into a safe public access road).

In the meantime, please park respectfully...

* The south maintenance access road and parking in the clearing is for
builders and volunteers attending work parties only.
* Carpool whenever you can (use the Highlands P&R -- just 5-10 min
* Park visitors should park at the Lodge (north side) -- park close
together on weekends (if you're meeting a buddy and you can't carpool,
park end-to-end so we can fit more cars - the spots are deep enough)
* If it's full, park at Endeavor Elementary School -- it's less than a
10 minute ride to the park from there.
* Please don't park beside the park entrances off of Duthie Hill Rd
and Issaquah-Fall City Rd. The county will be putting up no parking
signs soon.

Maps and more info he

Please spread the word! Thanks a ton!


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