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Default Mountain Bikers Are Auto-Dependent!

"Mike Vandeman" wrote in message
On Nov 5, 7:15 pm, "Jeff Strickland" wrote:
"Mike Vandeman" wrote in message


While claiming to benefit the environment, they are actually doing far
more damage than any hiker!


Hikers are auto dependet too, you moron.

And that makes it okay for mountain bikers to drive? Idiot.

No, it does not make it okay, but it demonstrates that YOU are auto
dependent, therefore ****ing and moaning that one group that you don't like
is auto dependent, while ignoring the fact that the group you do like is
also auto dependent is at best disengenious.

YOU claim that you are beneficial to the environment, yet you drive and ride
around in airplanes as you bemoan activities that if halted tomorrow would
benefit less than 0.04% of the environment. You are a quack of the highest



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