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Default STAGED!! Mountain biker flown out of Big Cottonwood Canyonin critical after crash on trail

On 9/30/2010 10:19 AM, Opus the Poet wrote:
On Sep 29, 4:09 pm, wrote:
snip Mikey's original gloat

Virginia Newbon is "Mike Vandeman" and this whole thing was staged,
and the hospital is owned by RUSH& Virginia Newbon. For those of you
not knowing, the FBI is an intelligence agency and does black ops to
manipulate the public. The FBI is a child to the NSA, where Virginia
Newbon is an agent and she has committed vast amount of crimes against
me personally. See Facebook group "Exposing crimes of Steven
Spielberg, George Lucas and ("

When did this group turn into a forum for Psychotics Anonymous? I
didn't do any searches for Ms. Newbon, but is the homepage
for the band Rush, and the FBI and NSA are both parts of Homeland
Security. As far as domestic black ops are concerned, there are 2
agencies that "don't exist" for that, plus the DEA (also part of HS).
If anyone is questioning the existence of Mikey, well his Berkeley
arrest and court records belie that.

The above quoted posting is par for the course for "Libby', except there
is no mention of "Ride-a-Lot".

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