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Default So, what happened to Mikey "Handsaw" V?

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observation is that bicycles cause more erosion than foot traffic and the
number of cyclists doing trail maintenance is far less than the number of
hikers doing trail maintenance.

That's got to be a regional thing. * Soil type, cycling/hiking

Quite a few people do both. I think it might be difficult to figure
out exactly what the proportions are. I haven't gone mountain biking
in years, but the sense I get are that quite a few mountain biking
organizations are active in trail maintenance activities. They might
not be doing so with mountain bikes in tow, so how does one know?

The mountain bike trails I know of in my area are mostly hard-packed
fire and maintenance roads. Their maintenance was mostly by the local
land agency. I remember hiking on one trail that was difficult enough
on foot, but would have been crazy on a bike. It was signed for multi-
use including bikes. The whole trail had been turned into a moonscape
by dairy cattle grazing in the area and stepping on the trail after

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